Defensive Driving with Zebedee.
We are now providing Defensive Driving Courses to help you become a safer driver and support you to get your licence quicker!
Our Defensive Driving Course is NZTA-approved, developed by the AA and facilitated by our very own driving school manager and educator, Graham Alexander.

Book now to attend our Defensive Driving Course to reduce the time on your restricted licence (by up to 6 months), increase your chance of passing your full licence test the first time and become a safer, more confident driver.
Why attend?
Attending a Defensive Driving Course enables you to decrease the time that you need to hold your restricted licence by 6 months, regardless of if you are on your learner or restricted licence at the time you take the course.

This means that, after you have completed your course, you can take your full licence test after only 12 months as a restricted driver, rather than the standard required wait time of 18 months. Defensive Driving Courses help you to learn and develop the skills and techniques to be a safer, more confident and competent driver.
How long is the course?
The Defensive Driving Course takes nine hours to complete and consists of five sessions - four classroom sessions (two hours each), a driving sessions (one hour) and access to the online driver training system.

When is the course?
We currently run our Defensive Driving Course once a term, with our classroom sessions always being on four consecutive Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 6pm-8pm. With an exception in April due to Easter.

Upcoming Defensive Driving Courses:
Tuesday, 23rd July, 2024 - Book Now!


per person
Who can attend?

Learner Licence Drivers

If you hold your learner licence, the defensive driving course can support you to develop your driving skills and give you a much better chance at passing your restricted and full licence the first time.

In order to attend, you need to of had some driving experience prior to the course starting. Includes an hour in-car driving session, this extends on your developing driving skills and awareness.

Restricted Licence Drivers

Attending the defensive driving course as a restricted licence holder means that you can reduce the length of time on this licence by 6 months, giving you the opportunity to be a fully licenced driver earlier.

If you are over 25, the time on your restricted licence is decreased from 6 months to 3 months.

Full Licence Drivers

As the holder of a full licence, you are still able to benefit from taking a defensive driving course. This course supports you to become a safer and more skilled driver with a stronger knowledge of road awareness.

The defensive driving course is also perfect for those who are police recruits, referred by the court, completing a Police Diversion programme or simply just want to build on their driving skills.  

What does the course include?

4x 2 hr Classroom Sessions

We use an online learning system that shows real-life driving situations filmed on New Zealand roads during the theory sessions. 

The course has informative DVDs and discusses various scenarios, observations and hazards to improve your understanding.

1x In-car Driving Session

This helps identify any bad habits you may have picked up and provides you with the skills and abilities to address them before you take your practical driving test. The instructor will take you through a practice full licence test and give you advice on how to pass comfortably.

If you finish all the coursework and the practical drive within 60 days after the last classroom session, you will get your certificate at the end.

Online Learning - eDrive

When you attend the Defensive Driving Course you get full access to the state-of-the-art programme, eDrive, that you can use from your home computer. It focuses on driving skills, such as visual search and situation awareness that are directly linked to crash risk. 

eDrive shows real-life driving situations filmed on NZ roads with you right in the driver’s seat.